3D printouts on request

Without orders as well.


We will make functional prototypes for you and your company, thanks to which you will quickly verify the correctness of the project and find potential errors before introducing mass production.

Short-run production

If you are interested in a short production series for which you do not need to make injection molds, contact us.


Do you have any ideas, sketches, technical drawings and you lack proficiency in 3D software or just time? We can do it for you, write or call.

How do we performorders?

FDM technology

We use proprietary Printo H3 devices printing in FDM technology to perform customer orders. The most commonly used materials are PET-G, PLA or ABS. Each of them has its own specificity, advantages and disadvantages.
The given parameters are only demonstrative because we are not afraid of challenges and we also undertake printouts with larger dimensions consisting of many elements.

Maximum size200 x 200 x 200
Layers heightfrom 40 up to 400 microns
MaterialsPET-G, ABS, PLA

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